PIANO TUNING: $135 (Recommended at least anually)




Call for estimates on:

  • Repairs
  • Dampp-Chaser humidity control
  • Adjusting the 'feel' of the keys (regulation)
  • Adjusting the sound of the notes (voicing)

Tuning: When a piano has not been tuned in more than a few years, it may need extra work to bring the pitch back up to standard pitch, A440. If this is the case, I charge an extra $50 for a “Pitch Raise.” This means that just before I do the fine tuning, I do a quick, rough tuning. A normal tuning appointment often takes about an hour. When I need to do a Pitch Raise in addition to the tuning, I often take 1½ to 2 hours.

Sticking Keys: I often get requests to fix “sticking keys.” This can mean all sorts of things, but the bottom line is that one or more of the parts in the piano are keeping the note from playing well. When there is only one or two offending keys, I usually don’t even have to charge anything for the repair (if I‘m already there tuning).

Regulation and Repair: There are thousands of parts that have to work together in a piano, so there are many possibilities for failure. For the most part, a well made piano can be a very low maintenance instrument. However, there are times that repairs are necessary or desirable. If I’m already tuning, I give free estimates for repairs. Otherwise, you would need to call for pricing. Some common injuries that I repair are: broken wires, broken hammers, cracked keys, missing ivories, slipping tuning pins, poorly functioning action parts, troubled pedals, etc. Regulation is simply adjusting these thousands of parts to work well together. This can make a dramatic improvement on tone, feel, and function. It can turn a miserable piano back into the delightful instrument it was made to be.

Dampp-Chaser: There are two factors that influence the tuning the most: time and humidity. Since we can’t do anything about the passing of time, we tuners keep our jobs. On the other hand, we can control humidity. Better than Air Conditioning or AprilAire, is a product by Dampp-Chaser called “Piano Life Saver.” This is a system that regulates the humidity of the piano. It includes water, heater bars, and a humidistat. I can usually install a system for $350-$450. These really do make a difference on the stability of the tuning, and so I recommend them for finer pianos. Feel free to call for more information.